Advantages of Working from Home


  Working from home has many benefits, like beavering away in your snuggest pajamas; avoiding the stressful commute and answering calls and e-mails from your shaded terrace in the summer months. Are you curious to know more? Look no further! Here is a list to outline some of the top benefits of working remotely:

Top Tips for First Time Home Buyers


A lot of first time home buyers really don’t know the process. It isn’t made any easier that this whole process is kept like it’s the deepest of conspiracy secrets. How to buy a home? Ask anyone and they’ll say, we’ll have a down payment and then call a realtor.

5 Alternatives to Spotify


Many of you know the music streaming service, Spotify.  It’s a great source to stream the latest hits, hear music on-demand, or create a station of your own to enjoy.  A small drawback is that the mobile version is limited in its accessibility and features.

How to lose weight this year


Had enough of those extra pounds you’re carrying? Never seen any long-term results from popular celebrity fad diets that keep popping up everywhere? Then you have come to the right place! We have collected tried-and-tested methods to lose weight to help you along: