Simple Tips to Improve the Look of your Garden

If you find your garden lacking lust especially as we roll into autumn now, use a few tips that will last you through most of the year.  There isn’t a whole lot that can spiff up your garden all year long but we’re going to do our best here. A few fun art projects, a plan for a rainy day and you’ll be set! Either way we’re keeping all of this cheap!

Planter Art!

No joke, those standard clay pots come in all sizes, though really not many shapes. Settle the kids down with some safe paints and let them go nuts! Shoot for the bright colors that aren’t going to diminish your flowers no matter what state there in. Aim for blues, purples, pinks and bright whites.

This isn’t just for the kids either; there are plenty of projects for adults and with maybe a higher skill level implementing a theme! After your planters are all painted up the possibilities are endless. Arranging them half out of the ground, wound with wire against a propped up palette.

First recommended project is the half buried bright colored planters. They’re easy and work great in solid colors so even if you’re not the artsy type it’s an easy accomplishment. Knock out the bottoms and pop your little flowers right in the center!

A secondary, fun easy and cheap project is to take these pots and with a little handiness stack them over each other adhering each to the one below. With an almost Mad Hatter’s tea party feel, these guys will actually do well to scatter rain water and the holes that are in the bottoms of these will give it some mild direction. Best of both worlds, useful and cute!

Add a Ground Splash

We’re going back to the palette board here. Reclaiming wooden pallets is a really big thing for the moment and they’re really cheap. A quick drive around the industrial part of most any city and you’ll find yards full of them with signs for neighborhoods around offering to sell them at just a few dollars apiece.

Take one home, and start breaking it apart. Using the longer flats to lay down a wooden walkway through your garden is a great way to cover any balding spots especially in the fall season.

An alternative we go right back to the painting and cover these flats and can raise a pseudo-fence. Fences look great however they’re issues for a few reasons: they’re expensive, they get in the way and if you every want to expand you have to plan around it.

Putting in a few colorful, short posts in a row can provide the image of a fence, bring in a color splash, and be easily moved.

Bring in the Herbs

While bright blooms and green stems are wonderful, sometimes it is difficult to get that fresh garden smell. It is a disappointment when you’re showing off and all you smell is the fertilizer.

Don’t get me wrong, a fresh turn over can smell great in the morning, but get some herbs in your garden. Separate them out so you’re not overcrowding any one area with any one particular herb. They’re fantastic little bursts of surprise and offer the benefit of fresh herbs right in your backyard.


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