Simple and Effective DIY Projects to Improve Your Home!

Many homeowners are constantly on the lookout for ways that they can up their homes value without breaking the bank. There is also the consistent pattern that homeowners are really do-it-yourself…ers. Some of these range from easy projects for the first time DIY-ers and others are for the more seasoned home project managers.

Attack the Kitchen

Updating your kitchen on the cheap is one of the easiest things you can do as a homeowner. If you’re facing an open-house in a few days a quick fix is to clear out cabinet space and pull any outdated appliances off your counter!

However, if you’re looking for more longevity and something that will affect your home’s value, look at these couple of quick fixes. Replace your kitchen’s electrical outlets, or in the very least the faces.

If any of them have paint, they should be priority on getting those out of there! If you have a little more cash to work with, replacing the kitchen faucet is next in line. Scope out one on sale or at an outlet center and install yourself.

For the well-seasoned and adventurous DIY project doers could take on refinishing the cabinets. Busting cabinets out, sanding, staining or varnishing and then finishing those sounds like a lot of work… because it is.

This is not a weekend job however; it will give your entire kitchen an updated look. While companies charge thousands of dollars for this, it can easily be done for about four hundred if you’re looking to replace hardware as well.


Clean Out the Bath, Update the Shower!

Replacing some really cheap bathroom essentials will take the first impression a long way. The sink faucet, toilet seat and believe it or not … door handles. This little bit of hardware can take your bathroom to the next level and with little bleach look like a brand new bathroom.

After replacing the cheap hardware your next step up would be to replace the shower head and/or bath faucet. Go fancy; don’t be cheap on a showerhead… I’m looking at you property managers.

Some shiny metal can really take away from any already existing issues inside the tub or shower area. These are all easy do it yourself fixes too! It may seem intimidating but there are plenty of YouTube videos on how to pull out this initial hardware.

That is where a lot of homeowners back down in touching the bathroom; its essential interaction in everyday life really deters people from touching it.

Once again, for the adventurous is tiling. Tile in a bathroom looks great and there are so many design, color and grout color options that you can really make it your own.

The bathroom doesn’t have to be some dejected part of the house in vinyl flooring. Again, this one isn’t for the faint of heart, laying tile is hard work and people charge a lot for it for that reason. Doing it yourself the cost will really range on what equipment you have for cutting tile and how much your hardware store might be willing to assist.

Also, plan on buying more tile than you think you might need. You’ll also need and learn to live by the measure twice and cut once school of thought.

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