Here are 5 Things You Should Always Keep In Your House.

The day is dark when you find yourself in desperately need of a thing you “know you have… or had.” Below are five items that we all find ourselves using or in some cases just really needing.

Kitchen Scissors

Packaging is only used to ruin your life and your steak knives. Then on top of the packaging there’s the variety of things around the house that just need to be well, cut. This is also one of the biggest money savers on meat is being able to break down your own chicken and buy them whole. Keep your scissors handy!

Baking Soda

There are literally hundreds of uses for this miracle powder. I mean really, run out of toothpaste… use baking soda. I’m going to just run through a few and you can go ahead and move on when you’re ready … face scrub, treatment for bug bits and sun burns, odor remove (just add water), rash treatment, canker sores, make flowers keep longer, and the kicker if you got all the way through the list: REMOVES BAKED ON FOOD!!

One, Good, Quilt

It gets cold, and while flannel sheets are nice they aren’t very mobile. Holding out on the couch with a blanket is much more satisfying any very winter-y than just seeking out the comfort of bed all day. A quilt is also way easier to hand over to a guest on a night where it might get really cold or be mildly brisk than a stack of all of your thickest blankets combined. This is an investment that is worth it and with basic care they last for years!

Unexpected Cleaning Supplies

While you might not plan on needing carpet stain remover, or bleach if you’re not a regular user it definitely proves to be useful. As a person whose wardrobe consists of a variety of blacks and greys bleach hasn’t really been a priority in my life. But, alas, I found a purpose! However, it was only at a time of need. This discovery was shortly after shattering a bottle of steak sauce on some really terrible and completely white carpet… in a rental house.

Immediately I went to the internet and found that the variety of “in a jam” solutions didn’t equal only semi-stained carpet. I was directed to white vinegar, which I didn’t have and suggestions to “vacuum dry” after a thorough cleaning, which spread it thoroughly and kind of just made it really gross. Just buy bleach, have a bottle on hand and whenever anything needs to be cleaned grab a kitchen towel and get cleaning.


Light bulbs

A run out for batteries on the now seemingly rare occasion that you have something that needs batteries changed isn’t that big of a deal. What will disrupt not so much your day but definitely your night is a light bulb. I had found myself many times in a new apartment of home having to scavenge a light bulb from another room and then having to remember to stop at the store the next day. Be sure to always have replacement bulbs on hand and when you do have to break out your spare, replace it immediately!

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