Advantages of Working from Home


Working from home has many benefits, like beavering away in your snuggest pajamas; avoiding the stressful commute and answering calls and e-mails from your shaded terrace in the summer months. Are you curious to know more? Look no further! Here is a list to outline some of the top benefits of working remotely:

  1. Flexibility

You can create your own schedule and work when you are the most productive. If there are appointments in the day, you can scoot off to those without a problem. How many hours you work can be adjusted daily, weekly or monthly.

  1. Better work/life balance

As you won’t be stuck in traffic coming home from the office, you will have more time for the things in life that you enjoy.

  1. Saving money

Ah, here you can save a lot when it comes to spending. No need to get expensive, new work clothes or shoes. Your comfy sweatpants are just fine as your home uniform! Also, your coffee budget will be smaller as you can whip together a cappuccino in no time at home. Added bonus: No queuing! Biggest saving you will make is probably from not having to commute: Ka-ching!

  1. More productive

As long as you are set up in a place without too many distractions, you will be more productive. No one can come over for a 10-minute chat; you do not need to queue up for your lunch or the toilet when everyone else is; no distracting phone calls to your office phone; and best of all: no long, drawn-out meetings where nothing gets decided! What a bonus.

  1. More free time/ Less time wasted

Since you do not have to commute back and forth to your office, you are saving heaps of time. This will give you more free time to do all the things you want to do.

  1. More time with family

Gone are the days when mums and dads were gone the whole day. Now you can have lunches and enjoy some breaks with your family. Little ones can be read to and tucked into bed for the night without any ‘Where’s daddy?’ questions.

  1. Better environment

You can make your office as quiet and serene as you want. Want to add a few plants? No problem. In the summer, you can work from your flowering balcony, or perhaps sneak off to a cute café in your neighborhood. Just note that it’s safest to swap those PJs for something smarter.  Just saying…

  1. Flexible location

Ah, this is the best! Your office really can be anywhere.  Book those tickets, we are heading to a Caribbean location! As long as you are committed to your work schedule (and have a good internet connection), you can work remotely with your computer from anywhere in the world. Just try to finish your work before the Piña Coladas start flowing…

  1. Freedom and your own rules!

There are a lot of freelancing jobs out there that give you immense freedom, and you are able to work on your own terms. You can choose long term or short term jobs, hourly or project based work, etc. The possibilities really are endless!


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